Colton Tran started his film career at the age of 12 being mentored and taught the language of Final Cut Pro; he was instantly hooked on the filmmaking process and quickly became fluent. Tran grew up in Utah and as his passion for film began to grow, he continued to direct, produce and edit all of his own independent films. Immediately after graduating High School he directed a short film called “Unpleasantville.” That film toured the nation in the film festival circuit, which gained recognition from managers and agents in Los Angeles.


Needless to say, Tran made the move to Hollywood with his producing partner Laura Young. Not two months into living in this new city, Tran was signed by a manager who soon after introduced him to his agent at CAA. He also landed a role in the Disney Channel movie “Cloud 9,” which helped him grow as a director not only on the technical side, but learning how to direct actors more effectively. 


Tran has now lived in L.A. for 5 years and has been fortunate enough to continue as a working filmmaker and creator. He directs films, music videos, commercials, web-series and collaborates in the digital space. One of the projects he directed and edited was a 4 episode web-series for his friend Jennette McCurdy, titled “What’s Next For Sarah”. He then went onto directing and producing music videos for “The Girl and The Dreamcatcher” (Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan) which all premiered on Disney Channel. Soon after, he joined a collaboration with Awesomeness TV and directed an episode of their Horror anthology series “Sleep Tight.” 


Tran has other outlets to keep himself submerged in the creative world. As an actor, he was recently cast in a horror film called “Nocturne,” which premiered on Showtime and is now available on Showtime On Demand. Editing is another passion that keeps the creativity flowing. Clients from all around the world hire him to edit their projects. Tran also owns a company called “TransylVinyl.” He creates artwork from pieces of broken vinyl records. His work has been in several art shows and most recently was showcased at the historic Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard. www.transylvinyl.com


Tran's strength comes from his openness to collaboration. He’s found a very creative group of friends who strive for the same thing. This collaboration has recently allowed Tran to jump into something new, co-directing & writing for the first time with his long time friend Jennette. They created and produced a short film called “8 Bodies” in just 3 weeks time. That film was released on its own platform and can be seen at www.8bodiesmovie.com


Tran's most current work is a feature film called “Spook,” a stylized slasher film. He’s spearheading the project which he intends to go into production early 2019.  

“The most important advice I can give to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams is to always stay positive, and never let the negative in. Positivity is such a powerful tool.”

– Colton Tran


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